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  1. Amish Baked Cinnamon Bread

    Amish Baked Cinnamon Bread


    Ingredients Include:

    Flour, Eggs, Milk, Oil, Vanilla, Baking Powder, Baking Soda, Sugar, Cinnamon Vanilla Pudding, Salt
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  2. Amish Baked White Bread

    Amish Baked White Bread


    Yoder's Kitchen has been well known for our many delightful breads. Our breads are baked daily for your freshness shipped to you. Our breads are perfect for your family dinner, or an exceptional... Learn More

  3. Amish Baked Whole Wheat Bread

    Amish Baked Whole Wheat Bread


    Yoder's homemade bread comes in your choice of either a small or large loaf of either white or wheat. Our bread is made daily in our restaurant's bakery.

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